Monday, November 13, 2006

Because I Always Talk About Earth Sciences in the Middle of the Night

It is 1 a.m. and we hear Miguel call out to us from his room. We go in and he complains that his hands are hot, the sure sign that he has a fever. We dope him up and I get into bed with him. He doesn't feel well and is frightened.

Vikki: Don't worry honey. Mãe and I always take good care of you.

Miguel (urgently): What mama? What did you say?

Vikki: I said, mãe and I always take good care of you.

Miguel: Oh, I thought you said "archaeologist".


Luisa said...

I didn't know about that comment but I like the "My hands are hot, get me an ice pack!", because we all know that ice packs are the best way to cool your hands down.

Anonymous said...

Archaeologists often use ice packs to cool down their hands

Colleen said...

Hope he is feeling better!

sarah g said...

"my hands are hot," that is so funny. i empathasize with that symptom.