Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Finished Products

I have several dried oranges on my desk (a tale for another day) and I considered using one of those for a container in which to place a little treat. I figured that I would cut one in half, pull out any remaining orange innards and would have a little bowl to show for it.

I borrowed a steak knife from a co-worker (Thanks, Cathy) and cut one of the oranges in half. The orange guts were dry, crisp and crumbly. There did not appear to be a good way to scoop them out and have a smooth interior so I abandoned this idea.

Then, a couple of co-workers suggested that I photocopy my face to be used in the project. Despite fear of blindness, I did the following:

After enduring the laughter of all of my colleagues, I decided that a freaky photocopy of Mom's face was not a good stocking stuffer.

I then turned my attention to the boxes that I had available. I used a first aid box and an Altoids box to create the two finished products. I used the stickers that I had, glue borrowed from the Office Specialist and Microsoft Clip Art. The Altoids Treasure Box is filled with keys from my co-worker's broken keyboard (Thank you Sarah!). The First Aid Kit Treasure Box is filled with a premium hot chocolate packet from another co-worker (Thank you Colleen!). Here are the finished products:

The Altoids Box

The First Aid Kit Box

Now, I need to get to work, my real work - I leave here in an hour!


sarah g said...

weren't we just talking about boredom yesterday???? very creative!

Vikki said...
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Vikki said...

There is no scandal here...I deleted the above comment because it was my own and it made no sense.

Anyway, I said that I could have done better but I had to work with what was available to a bunch of government social workers. I think Miguel is coming out ahead...rumor has it that he made me a Portuguese flag out of paper. I will treasure it, of course...

Colleen said...

I love the treasure boxes. Next year perhaps there will be white paint floating around and the snowman, tampon, altoid creation will come to life!