Thursday, January 11, 2007


I've written a haiku or two on this blog in the past but I have never indulged in my secret passion for limericks. Looky, Daddy! is having a parenting limerick contest which has sparked my creativity. I thought I would share my work here before getting back to the work for which I am paid by Hennepin County.

Breakfast of Champions

Before my babies were born
Sweets I often did scorn
Now I’m so tired
I need to be wired
So chocolate it is in the morn’

To Dream

I used to sleep through the night
Alone in my room without light
And then came the spawn
And all that is gone
Still, I’m happy. I am. Right?

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes*
*inspired by the post of the same name

I used to have time to peruse
Fashions that gave me no blues
Then children were born
And now I am torn
‘Cause I’ve got no money for shoes

That Damn Montessori School

To the two moms of Miguel
We love your kid – he is swell
But tonight he’ll need scrubbed
From the polish he’s rubbed
On his hair and where else we can’t tell


I buckled my son in his seat
He poked me - it was no treat
The Portuguese flag
Up my nose made me gag
My lobotomy’s nearly complete!


Luisa said...

Maybe you should submit these to "Wait, Wait... Don't tell me" or at the very least create your own limerick calendar.

sarah said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh that was me laughing

Colleen said...

Very whimsicle. They are great!!

Kristin said...

There once was a dad who made beer

He said that it gave him good cheer.

He’s slightly obsessed

With the clean up of mess,

That’s because he is an engineer.

Anonymous said...

i used to blog all the time
trying for words that sounded sublime
now my job is to write
from the day to the night
so i prefer reading, now is that a crime?

vikki and kristin can't be beat
their blogs are smart, truly neat
i stand here in awe
(sure, they'll say a p'shaw)
but consistent blogging is truly a feat


Anonymous said...

Once in a while
I write something that rhymes
By chance or accident
or divine intervention

the last thing I wrote
that did rhyme
was an ode to the carrot
need I say more?
That ode to the carrot
Came knocking at my door


Polly P said...

I wish't I could say something witty
But brain space now's itty bitty
With the kid on the way
We're on edge every day
And the waiting is really quite sh --

oops! gotta go!